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Minerva PHR Viewer is a must-have app to display Personal Health Records (PHR) exported from Minerva Health Manager and stored on mobile phones and devices. Minerva PHR Viewer quickly provides access to critical health information for you and your family that can be used for Emergencies and Healthcare visits, whether you are at home, on vacation, at school, or traveling for business.

Minerva Health Manager and the Minerva PHR Viewer are a great alternative for users of Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault. With Minerva, you maintain your personal health records in the privacy of your home where they are safely stored on your home computer - not on the Internet.

With Minerva PHR Viewer you can carry your complete Personal Health Records anywhere you want to go. You choose which information you want to store during the export process from Minerva Health Manager, a separate Windows program. Select specific health sections or everything, including attachments, and your records are made portable for you to view in any medical setting.

Minerva PHR Viewer can display personal health records exported from Minerva Health Manager v9.0 as follows:

STEP I. Export Personal Health Record files from Minerva Health Manager:
1. Open Minerva Health Manager and use the File menu to select the Export Wizard.
2. Follow the directions to create a self-contained file of your selected Personal Health Records for viewing on mobile phones and devices.

STEP II. Add your Personal Health Record files to your device:
1. Connect your device to your computer. iTunes should open automatically, but if it doesnt, open iTunes.
2. In the left column of iTunes, go to the Devices section and select your device. (It may take a few minutes for your device to be recognized and shown in the Devices section.)
3. Click on the Apps tab and scroll down past the Sync Apps Section to the File Sharing section.
4. Click on Minerva PHR.
5. Click the Add button and select the Minerva PHR file from your computer to add it to the Minerva PHR Documents section of iTunes. The file should sync automatically with your device.
6. Eject the device if you have no other reason to connect to iTunes.

STEP III. View your Personal Health Records on your device using Minerva PHR Viewer:
1. Open the Minerva PHR Viewer app on your device.
2. Select the person whose health records you want to view.
3. Use the scrollbar to move quickly up or down in the report, or select a Health Topic to jump to that portion of the report.
4. Medical Alerts, if any, will be displayed at the beginning of the report.

To quickly display your Medical Alerts and Emergency Contacts using Minerva PHR Viewer:
1. Open Minerva PHR on your device.
2. Select the person whose health records you want to view.
3. Click on the Toolbar icon for Medical Alerts or Emergency Contacts.

To display a Sample PHR using Minerva PHR Viewer:
1. Open Minerva PHR on your device.
2. Click on the View Sample PHR Button. The Sample PHR is provided for information purposes only and it is only available prior to adding any health records.

Minerva Health Manager users should run "Check for Updates" in the Minerva Health Manager and update to latest version.
For more information about Minerva PHR Viewer, visit http://www.MyMinerva.com/minerva-phr-itunes-app.

For more information about Minerva Health Manager, visit http://www.MyMinerva.com.

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